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Short Bio

The Rev. Dr. Dongwoo Lee is an ordained pastor at PCUSA. He is a member of San Gabriel Presbytery and has served several Commissions and Committees. He is currently serving the Commission on Preparation for Ministry. He is a former Head Associate/Senior pastor for Korean Language Ministry at Pasadena Presbyterian Church. He is a former Co-Convener of Presbyterian Peace Network for Korea.  Rev. Dr. Lee is a scholar and theologian in the comparative theology and philosophy, process thoughts, systematic theology, contextual and Asian theology, and postcolonialism. He is a director of Korea program at Center for Process Studies and an executive director of EcoCiv Korea at Institute for Ecological Civilization. He is an author of several books. His latest book, ‘Imagining Post-Pandemic Meta-Church’ which was published in South Korea in September, 2021 became the number one bestselling E-book in the Religious section at Ridibooks’ store. He enjoys hiking trails and watching movies with his wife. You can check out Rev. Dr. Dongwoo Lee’s bilingual blog and podcast here,  


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