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Publication News: Imagining a Post-Pandemic Meta-Church

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This article was published on October News Letter of The Center for Process Studies.

Rev. Dongwoo Lee, Ph.D. Candidate, Director of Korea Project at Center for Process Studies, and Director of Ecological Civilization Korea published a book in Korea on October 1, 2021. The title of the book is ‘Imagining a Post-Pandemic Meta-Church’. He envisions a new model of post-pandemic church, named Meta-church. He firstly analyzes historical trajectories of pandemic. He tried to find how people made choices in post-pandemic time and how those choices triggered pivotal changes in human history. He claimed that in post-pandemic era people tend to take a risk by choosing forward-looking choices. He summarizes social, technological, cultural context that Church is located into three keywords; automation, digitalization, and Metaverse. Those are the key elements which bring tremendous changes in society after pandemic. He also pointed out that there are three crucial changes in ministry. Covid19 pandemic itself has been brought significant changes, the urgent need of transitioning to multicultural/intercultural ministry, and ecological sensitivity and transformation into ecological church. He noted that a new model, meta-church needs to adopt to a new platform ministry which will be a hybrid church combining online and offline setting together. In transitioning to a new model, a strategy borrowing from ‘disruptive innovation’ will be substantially helpful. Lastly, post-pandemic meta-church should be in the center of work for peace which will reconcile social, political, and racial conflicts. The book is ranked #1 bestselling books in Christianity section at which is the biggest online bookstore in Korea. It will be translated into English soon. Learn More