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15th International Forum on Ecological Civilization

What does ecological civilization look like in unique local settings around the world, and what lessons can we learn from one another about building sustainable and equitable communities of communities? From ecovillages, to urban coops, and more, this year’s Claremont Eco Forum invites experts, policymakers, and creative practitioners to explore together how the framework of ecological civilization can be, and is being, realized in various local contexts around the globe.  

Life takes place in local contexts. While work on civilizational-level change of how human life is to be reorganized on a global scale may sound like “big” and abstract work, it’s actually vital that these big ideas be brought down to earth and are given street addresses. Strong local communities are the cornerstone of a truly ecological civilization. It’s at the local level that new forms of community are modeled and where an ecological civilization emerges. So, what does ecological civilization look like in practices, on the ground, in local contexts? Answering this question is the goal of the 2022 Claremont Eco Forum (which is the 15 International Forum on Ecological Civilization, and the 4th International Youth Forum on Ecological Civilization). 

You’re invited to contribute to creative solutions toward the long-term wellbeing of people and the planet! This year, we joint together the 15th International Forum and 4rd International Youth Forum in fully online and 100% collaborative exploration on 3 themes:

  • Day 1: Eco Villages
  • Day 2: Eco Cities
  • Day 3: Eco Digital Communities

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Claremont Eco Forum Receives National Honors
Thanks to a nomination from our co-organizers, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation, the 15th International Forum on Ecological Civilization was named the “2022 National Important Academic Conference” by the Ministry of Science and Technology, PRC. We are grateful to have received this most prestigious recognition!