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Process and Reality

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A magnificent piece of work by John B. Cobb Jr. ‘Whitehead Word book’ was immensely helpful for me to read through Process and Reality by Alfred North Whitehead. Be noted that Whitehead Word book was translated and published in Korean as well. Please check out the link if you are interested.

저의 박사과정을 지도해주신 존 캅 박사님의 훌륭한 책인 ‘화이트헤드의 과정철학과 과정신학 용어집’은 제가 화이트헤드의 과정과 실재(Process and Reality)를 포기하지 않고 끝까지 공부하는데 매우 큰 도움이 되었습니다. 이 책은 한국어로도 번역되어 출판되었습니다. 관심있는 분들은 링크를 확인하시기 바랍니다.

This is what the great John Cobb has to say about reading Whitehead’s seminal work Process and Reality. If you would like to undertake this monumental task in a community of like-minded learners coming to this text for the first time, the Cobb Institute will be offering a reading group on the text starting this Sunday, July 3rd.

Learn more and register:…/beginning-process-and-reality/