National Network of Korean American United Methodist Women-Korean Church in the Metaverse Era 연합감리교회 한인여선교회전국연합회-메타버스 시대의 한인교회

The National Network of Korean American United Methodist Women is hosting the 10th Hakdang Virtual School on October 30th, focusing on the theme "Korean Church in the Metaverse Era." Guest speaker Dr. Dong-woo Lee, a pastor from the Presbyterian Church in USA and director of EcoCiv Korea, will lead the session. The school will draw from Dr. Lee's book, "The Post-Pandemic Meta Church is Coming," to discuss the future and direction of the Korean church amid the climate crisis, digitalization, and transition to the Metaverse. This event aims to equip participants to adapt to technological, cultural, and generational changes, transforming their pastoral work and ministry to meet contemporary challenges. It's a step towards preparing and practicing missions in these changing times, encouraging learning through faith rather than fear and expanding God's Kingdom on Earth.