Korean Presbyterian Church of Fresno Church Officer Workshop 후레즈노 한인장로교회 임직자 스쿨 웨비나

Rev. Jechul Kang who is a senior pastor at Korean Presbyterian Church of Fresno invited me as a keynote speaker for the Church Officer Workshop. I met him at the annual conference of 3040 (years old) young Korean American pastor group at PCUSA. We recognized that his vision for the future ministry of the church is similar to the concept of Meta-church in my presentation. After a long conversation he decided to invite me to the church officer workshop. Even though my schedule in October is very tight, I had to accept his offer because I felt his passion for the church as all the 3040 young Korean American pastors have. I hope and pray for this workshop to be helpful for the church to discern the direction in post-pandemic era.